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Hello everyone,
Very warm welcome on my post. Today I'm going to share my yesterday's story. I hope everyone is also doing good in their respective life. So let's start the diary without any late.

Today i woke up 5 am, early in the morning and got freshen up and left for running and to follow my daily exercise routine. I had my tea at 6:30 after returning to home and immediately I went to took bath because today I have to go railway station to receive my sis and her cute baby. I had my breakfast and got ready to leave for railway station. I took my bike and reached there by 9 am and started waiting for the train to arrive here. It was little bit late so I tried to utilise that time by doing some Photography at railway station campus. Just see the beautiful cloudy sky here.


Varanasi city railway station

I'm thinking to use watermark in my all photos but not sure about it's design so please tell me in feedback that how's this watermark. Today onwards I'll use watermark in my all photos.
Just after half and hour train arrived and I went to receive them and took their luggage. I was so happy to meet my sister's cute daughter for the first time. She's so adorable.


stating at me very cutely when I clicked her pic without her permission

We reached home in afternoon and we had lunch together. Whole family got so happy to meet that little cute baby girl for the first time but she was not in mood to play with anyone. She fallen to sleep and made me wait longer to play with her. Actually I love kids so much so I started waiting for her to wake up. in the evening I went to market to bring some groceries and when I returned i made tea for everyone and served them.


clicked while returning to home from Varanasi

After a long day today I was little bit tired so I was waiting for dinner to be ready so after having it I can go rush into my bed... but suddenly I remembered that today I have clicked some pics so I decided to edit them while waiting for my dinner and I shared those all pics after editing.

1632802416593 (1)-02.jpeg

old pic from my gallery

Eventually I got invitation from my mom to have dinner like "Jaldi se kha le aur khake so jaa, jab dekho phone me laga rehta hai kisi din iska phone hi fek dungi"... So I rushed to have my dinner and left my phone on bed. After having my dinner I took my phone and started writing my today's story. Now I'm really feeling sleepy so bye bye everyone, see you again in next post. Good night sweet dreams


Cutie pie ❤

Thank you so much and yeah she's soo cute🥰

Which Application do you use for editing ?
Your niece is so cute ☺️

I use Adobe Lightroom and snapseed both but I like Lightroom more because it gives lot of options to work on....and yeah she's soo cute 🥰 thank you so much. In next posts I'll share my before and after editing both pics .

Thank you😊

Welcome 🙂

Your logo is nice but j suggest you to make it little bit transparent and small on size.
And most important edit it on right corner below always.

Thanks for sharing your day.
Thank you.

Yeah thank you for your suggestions... I'll keep that in my mind when I'll edit my next photo. Keep visiting 🙂

Very nice picture shared and well written diary keep sharing like this with us Congratulations on your day.

Thank you for your appreciation...keep visiting.
And thanks again on visiting my diary and supporting.

Your photography and editing skills is too good. You have clicked amazing pictures. And li'l baby looking so cute .


Thank you so much for your appreciation, it means alot to me...keep visiting and yeah my baby is soo cute 🥰

You having good editing skills. All pics looking so beautiful.

That baby click really amazing. Thanks for sharing us.

Take care.

Thanks for your means alot
Keep visiting 😊

Sure,I try my best.

Thank you 🙂

आपने बहुत ही अच्छा पोस्ट लिखा है और आपने बहुत ही अच्छे तरीके से फोटो को एडिट किया है ।

Dhanyawad.... I'm glad that you liked my post.

A watermark looks good, but it will look if you use a transparent png file. the station building looks colourful and the baby is so cute #affable

Thanks for your appreciation and suggestions... I'll surely keep it in my mind for editing in future.

some of the amazing pictures. yes, indeed little girl looks so much cute @pathakji keep posting

Thank you so much for your appreciation...yeah I'm trying to be a regular member here in steemit family. Keep visiting

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