Better Life!! The Diary game-My diary#28 | 4/September/2021. || Birthday|celebration of my special friend|

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Good morning Steemians,
How are you all and how was your day. Hope you all are doing well and stay safe at your home.
Let's start today's my diary game—:
So, today I woke up 8:00am in the morning because last night my I wished my best friend HAPPY BIRTHDAY and put status on watsapp and Instagram and post on Facebook. That's why I woke late in the morning.
I freshed myself and had tea. After that I helped my mother for did some house chores. After that I started my study for couple of hours. About 11'0 clock I had shower and worshiped of Lord. After that my mother gave me breakfast of sandwich with tea.
Today is my special one's birthday so, I had decided that I planned surprise party for her. I went to the market for bought birthday decoration things and bought 4 cakes for her because her name is Tanu.
After came back at home I had lunch and I planned surprise with her sister so, I went their home in the absence of birthday girl. After that I decorate the room for gave surprise to the birthday girl and also I invited other friends without informing her for the party. When birthday girl enter their home she was shoked and her happiness overloaded because everyone had refused to come on her birthday because it was our plan. She thought that no one will come on her birthday. After that she cut the cake and we clicked lot of pictures and we all had danced.

Birthday decoration

Birthday cake

Birthday girl

Pieces of cake

After celebrate the birthday party. I came back at home about 10:00pm and I washed my face and change clothes and went to the bad. After that share the pictures of birthday party to friends group and post on instagram. Today I was very tired so, I feel slept.
That's all today's my activity.
Thank you.


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Nice Diary

Suggestion - Use "Justify" Markdown to beautify and enhance your diary.

Thank You.

WOW 😳 I wish you happy birthday to your best friend 🎂🎈 I hope you enjoyed your best friend birthday:-)

Pls keep posting your diary & be happy


Thank you for your compliment

happy birthday to your friend I hope you and your friend are having a good day. and cake looks testy
#affable #india

Thank you for your compliment.


Great celebration you enjoyed.
The four cakes are looking delicious.
Thanks for sharing your day. Keep posting.

Many many happy returns of the day to your friend.I hope your friend gets all the happiness. And Very nice decoration for birthday.I like it.
Thanks for sharing your day with us.
Take care & keep posting.

#affable #india

Thank you for your compliment


B'day cakes are delicious ..I hope u enjoyed it all ..Ty for sharing your day with us ! @monali01

Many many return of the day to you.....your decoration and the cakes are too beautiful...too much enjoyment...

Thank you so much 🥰

#affable's a fantastic birthday party 👌Happy Birthday to her....but the B'day girl is looking alone...why is so?

No, she was not alone I had shared only pic of her.
Thank you for your compliment.


Wow, its really different surprise that you have ordered 4 cakes of her name

Four cake looks amazing and decoration also very nice. @monali
hope you enjoyed it. keep posting.

Happy Birthday to your friend.


Please leave more white space between the two paragraphs.

Try to keep a better structure, as in your case, the text and the images are not in order, which is producing a distorted presentation.

Thank you.

Thank you for your suggestion...


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Thank you.

 3 months ago 

@monali01, many happy returns of your friend, I hope you enjoyed the 🎂🎉 birthday, pass my wishes to your friend. Nowadays almost everyone use black balloons.

Thank you so much.


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