😊THE DAILY DIARY GAME | Live Life With Steem |11th September 2021😊

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🙏Namaste Friends🙏,
👏Welcome to my daily diary.👏
How are you all? I hope everyone doing great things. I hope you all like my daily activities so without wasting your time just start it.


Today's Highlights

🌻Good Morning🌻

I woke up at 8 AM and after that, I had breakfast after brushing my teeth. I ate Medu vada and idli with coconut chutney and tea. The perfect and regular breakfast. After that, I go into the market and buy the essential product for the house. After that, I started my freelance project work.


Morning Breakfast

🌞Good Afternoon🌞

In the afternoon around 1:30 PM, I had lunch. For lunch, I ate potato drumstick curry with rice and for dessert, I ate rice kheer. After that, I resume my work.


I felt a little bit hungry around 3 PM so I ate sweet corn and sweet potatoes. As it was a good source of potassium and proteins I always try to keep this in my daily diet.


Sweet corn and sweet potatoes

🌝Good Evening🌝

In the evening around 4 PM, I had tea and after that, I spend time on steemit and write some articles and after that, I did my daily prayers. Around 8 PM I saw my mom's medicines are finished so I go into the medical and buy that medicines. While returning I click the picture of raindrops.


Raindrops on tree

After returning home I had dinner and after dinner, we ate Dairy milk for the dessert.


Dairy Milk

After that, I complete my Russian language lesson and I felt pretty confident now as I learn a little bit Russian language and now I am able to frame the sentences that were a big thing for me. Thanks to the Duolingo app to provide such a beautiful platform to learn any language.


Dualingo app for Russian learning

After that, we ate papaya and after that, I start working on my freelance project. Around 12:15 AM I took a little break and talk with my special person. After that, I resume my work and goes to the bed around 2 AM. This is how I spend my day.



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All the photos included in the post belong to me.

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Thank you for reading the post and watching my picture



You clicked the raindrops on the tree picture is very beautiful.
@mayureshpandit. Idli, vada, chutney, and tea supper combination and tasty. keep posting.

Thank you so much @roopk97 for your valuable compliments

Wow you have had chocolates and delicious food on the day, water dew on the leaves looks like lights on the tree

Yes, those raindrops give amazing look. Thank you so much @poorvik for your valuable feedback

Your food is looking delicious 😋

Thank you so much @ankushtyagi 😊

You had great eatables throughout the day,the chocolates as dessert is amazing .
You serve your mother by bringing medicines from the market,later in the day and the photograph you captured in course is amazing .@mayureshpandit
#affable #india

Thank you so much @jahangeerkhanday for your valuable feedback

Balanced diet through out,idli& vada brekfast,Rice w/ drumstick sambar & some dessert for lunch,sweet corn & sweet potatoes also pappay fruit :)

You gave nice diary
Pls keep sharing your diary & be happy and healthy

Thank you so much @layersinn for visiting my post and giving valuable feedback

Tree picture is looking amazing!!
And your diary is full of delicious dishes as always. Thanks for sharing with us @mayureshpandit.


Thank you so much @monali01 for visiting my post and giving such valuable feedback

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Thank you

Thank you so much @sapwood,@steemcurator07 for giving me support.

@mayuteshpandit Your food is looking delicious..specially rice khir and I love rice kheer. You clicked raindrop on tree picture is very beautiful and it looks just wow. Nice diary from your side. keep it up.

Thank you so much @sweta14 for your valuable feedback. This kind of feedback motivates me to write more articles. Once again thank you so much.

I love drum stick ..But we don't get it here easily...You have represented your day beautifully.😊

Thank you so [email protected] for your beautiful compliments. This will motivate me to write more posts.

Tree picture is looking so much beautiful even papaya looking so delicious and your diary full fill so many dishes . Thanks for sharing your day with us 🤗 keep posting 👍
Have a nice day

Thank you so much for your valuable compliments

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