The diary game -- 07/01/22-- Alapan

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine. Today, i woke up at 8 am and then after brushing, i did some yoga and exercises. I then start reading newsapaper and meanwhile my mom served me tea with cookies.

Today was a busy day for me. I have to do the rehersal of Alapan,it is one of the cultural orientation of freshers.

There is also 17th convocation of my college tomorrow which is conducting in online mode.

rehersal for tomorrow's convocation ceremony


Alapan provides a stage to ask freshers to clear their doubts regarding every topic.

alapan for freshers

After having lunch in the afternoon, i took a rest and after that i went outside to bring some groceries for home.



That feels great participating in cultural activities and college functions. Actually it enhances our understanding towards the society. Beautiful pics shot by you.

Thanks for sharing your valuable post with us.your written very well here.

I thought alapan is a stage for fresh performers

yes, you are right !!

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