Betterlife with steem🥂The Diary Game🥂 24-08-2021

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🥂Hello friends!!

I am once again with my diary post. Past two days I couldn't post in @bestofindia.

Note- I'll write this diary about yesterday.

So yesterday morning I woke up 7 am. After being fresh I took 3 khajoors and swallowed.
Now a days I am skipping my morning tea.
Sometimes later I went out in market and bought two apples and ate them.

Dry dates

After 9'O clock I went to have bath. After that I took my meal and then my medicines. Then I took som rest. After sometime one of my friend came home. He lives in Delhi & preparing When he knew about steemit, he asked to create an account for close one of his friends. He wanted to help her actually. So I created on his request. After sometimes, it started raining. So we had some chat until it stopped raining. Then he went his home.

Calcium tablets & other vitamins pills

After that I picked my phone and scrolled through the posts on steemit. I was just checking my newly joined friends' activity on steemit. I have helped many of my friends to join steemit like @shubhambhagat , @deepak94 ,
@fitcoachshivam , @akrai , @varsha001 etc. You also can check on their profile and make them your friends. It may help them learning here on this platform.

After 3 pm I took some snacks. My students didn't come for study due to raining heavily. I was sitting idle on couch and watching raindrops falling and bouncing again. It seems like everything has slowed down. No thoughts, no worries, no work ....... these days are passing like a retired defence officer having no work at home. So funny 😄.

In the evening after having dinner, I opened MX Player and watched a webseries '' P.O.W.''. It's based on two soldier's life fled from a POW camp of Pakistan. But its main theme is vague as things get complicated at the end. After watching some episodes I slept.

P.O.W. Trailer

💫Thank you visitors , Keep your support intact.

Thanks to @bestofindia team- @sapwood @rishabh99946 @neerajkr03


My students didn't come for study due raining heavily.

So what, start online classes, if they agree hahaha

I could , but in rural areas there are complications like network issues, and people have lack of resources as well.

You doing a good job of inviting your friends to steemit .It is our responsibility to spread the information about steemit and invite our friends to it and you are doing your job right.

Yeah it feels good doing help,
Thanks buddy

Get well soon friend....I am praying for you.

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Engagement is essential to foster a sense of community. Therefore we would request our members to visit each other's posts and make insightful comments.

Thank you

Thanks for sharing your day with us. Keep sharing and stay connected.

Yeah sure @mayureshpandit,
Please do read the post so that you can share your views about the post, be it positive or negative.
Thank you!! 🥂

steemit offers an invaluable opportunity to move forward in one's life. You can build your future on this platform.
I also find new friends every day on this platform from which I get to know new things.
Keep writing like this.

Yeah, you are right @ayazali

Good 👍post deeply describe...

I would like to see p.o.w.

I'm thinking it since 1 week...
Whats your opinion about it it's good or not??

P.O.W. is interesting story of two soldiers' family drama, story is also good. But climax doesn't touch its conclusion. Actually intelligence officers are spying on both the soldiers but the story doesn't clarify they were right or wrong.

One thing I can definitely say, until the end you won't be bored. Watch it....

Okkkkkk I'll seen as soon as possible

Nicely written.

So have you recovered fully from the arm fracture?

It's good that you're doing #promo-steem activities also by inviting friends.


It's much better now, but not fully recovered. Yeah, helping friends feels good.

@krishna001 why do you take vitamins and calcium do you workout and it's good to help of others

I have a fracture in my hand.

@krishna001, you are still taking medicine. It seems you have so many friends present in this platform whom you tag.
Take care of yourself and stay blessed.

Yes ma'am, I have informed many of my friends about Steemit. It feels good.

Great job done! Appreciated @krishna001

Thank you 😊

I was sitting idle on couch and watching raindrops falling and bouncing again. It seems like everything has slowed down. No thoughts, no worries, no work ...

I agree with you.. Really, by seeing the rain or getting lost in it, we forget all our troubles and the surrounding environment.
Have a nice day

Right 😄......@arjuskrwr means sometimes you also go to the same state. It really feels good.

 9 months ago 

@krishna001, what is the condition of your hand? Having dates is very good for our health to increase iron in our body. Nice diary. Keep sharing your day with us and stay blessed.

Now it's good sir, there is no pain in hand now.
Thank you!

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