Better life! The diary game! June 27, 2021! Sister's Birthday Celebration!

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Hi my dear friends! How was your day? I hope you all guys are enjoying your day with your family. I hope you all are enjoying to read my diary.

Today was my cousin sister's (@nishika) birthday and she had come to my house. So, it was 12 am when I wished her. All relatives were also there and they also wished her. After sometime, we slept.

Around 8 am, I woke up and did yawn for sometime in my bed. Then, my another cousin sister and I got up from bed. I went to washroom and freshed up myself. I did brush my teeth.

Then, I served breakfast to my mom and gave medicines to her. After that, my masi maa made idly for us. So, we ate it. We all cousins did breakfast together.


Then, we went to another room where we celebrated birthday party. We started to decorate the room. My younger brothers also did some fun 🤣.

They also irritated us🙄, but that was one of the funniest moments. Whenever we did some mistakes, they started jokes😂🤣. We all enjoyed too much at times of decoration.

This is the full decoration by I and all my cousins.

After that, I took bath and did lunch with my cousins. Then, we rested for sometime. Then we got ready for celebration.


Then, my brother went to bakery shop and he brought the cake and some chocolates also.


After that, my sister cut the cake and we clicked some pictures with her. After that we ate gupchup, pasta and chaat😋. Then, I changed my dress and washed my face and then went to bed and slept😴.

Birthday girl

With birthday girl

Family pic




Beautiful birthday celebration 🎉
Interesting diary

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 2 years ago (edited)

@ayushikumari Nice diary Game From your side. Happy birthday to your sister. Cake look great. Idly and lunch is yummy. Keep posting, Thank you for sharing your day with us, Have a great day ahead, stay safe #affable

Happy birthday to your sister.

Thankyou on behalf of her!

Thank you for visiting my post!
Stay safe!

Idli sambhar looks very delicious 😋
Belated happy birthday to yr sister
Keep posting and stay safe


My birthday spent really well:-) and we enjoyed a lot and you were looking very gorgeous.
By the way you Didn't thanks me for chocolate:-(


 2 years ago 

Happy birthday to your cousin sister, @ayushikumari

Thankyou on behalf of her 😊!

Thankyou for reading my post!
Stay home and stay safe!

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