Хорошо Doomer - Partsocaster Post-Punk Jam

in DTubelast month (edited)

Here is a four track jam on my home made partsocaster in a post-punk kind of style. I started out by making a custom drum beat in Superior Drummer using the Dream Pop Ezx drum library. There is a bit of distortion and reverb to make them sound a bit less sterile. With the drums in place I started a basic bass riff on the low e then added a pitch shift and autowah effect to make the first track sound more like a bass. The next track is more of a middle pitched riff with a ping pong delay on it, this track acts as a sort of rhythm and lead throughout the song. The final partsocaster track is a higher pitched lead to brighten up the mix. The final guitar track is on my plastic midi guitar where I controlled a rapture and dimension synth to add a bit more ambiance to the mix.

The overall mood of the song reminds me of the Russian Doomer style genre which sound post-punk to me. It has a retro 80s underground vibe to it. The strange background is an endless zoom by Video by Stefania Buzatu on Pixabay. It seemed to meld with the mood of the song so I toned black and white in the background... checkout more of their stuff here https://pixabay.com/users/stefwithanf-795875/?tab=videos

Thanks for listening :-)

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