Expanded Consciousness - Baglama Saz, Handpan and G&L ASAT

in DTube2 months ago (edited)
Here is an improvisation on my Turkish baglama saz. I just played whatever came to mind at the time.

Later I added five track on my Roland Handsonic that include a kick drum, cymbols, udu, shakers and bongos.

I also added a handpan track tuned to hijaz scale to add some bass-like bell tones to the mix. The hijaz scale complements the saz tuning perfectly.

The final track is on my G&L ASAT. This guitar is Leo Fender's latest design for the telecaster with beefier sounding soap bar pickups. To get the tone I added a half cocked wah pedal in front of a bit of overdrive along with some reverb and subtle delay.

The overall mood reminds me of a person on a quest to expand their conscious mind and ascend beyond the physical realm of this world. Thanks for listening :-)

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