The Void of Space - Handpan with G&L Guitars

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Here is an improvisation that started out on my handpan. Initially I started out with a muted track to get the beat then I played an open lead over it. Later on I decided to program a drum set rather than the muted track. I also added some strings to help act as a bass track for the lead G&L Comanche guitar track. The main lead guitar track has an interesting digital delay on it that repeats each note four times. This lets you bounce notes off each other in synchronization with the bpm of the song and creates an ambient depth when all the notes wash together.

Towards the end of the song I went hog wild with the effects on the G&L Fallout track. I added reverb and delay with pitch steps to make a large ambient wash of simple notes. Overall the song has a deep space kind of feel so I named it The Void of Space. A place where a note can travel for eternity without hitting any reflections to bounce back to a listener.

Thanks for listening :-)

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