The Big Dumb Idiot - Guitar Rig 6 with G&L Fallout

in DTube2 months ago (edited)

Here is a jam on my G&L fallout where I'm testing out the effects from Guitar Rig 9. The first track is a ringmod with a pitch shift that drops it down an octave to give a bitcrushed distortion bass sound. The next track is a heavy reversed delay to add an ambient sound throughout the song. The third track is the main lead that has a bit of rotator chorus and drive with reverb. The final track has a ton of effects to create a huge ambient sound.

For drums I tapped in the beat on my Roland handsonic controlling the Superior Drummer Independent SDX. I also added some distortion to the drums to make them fit the guitars better. Later on I also added some subtle electronic drums using the bent kit from EZ Drummer.

The overall mood and tone of the song reminds me of a big bumbling idiot floundering his way through life causing havoc to anything that crosses his path lol. Thanks for listening :-)

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