Calming Sitar - Doumbek, Kalimba and Sitar

in DTube2 months ago (edited)
Here is a calming improvisation that started out with displacing air in my doumbek. this created a perfect c note so I began layering other sounds over it. Next I added another displacement note on the doumbek and some rythym on the surface of the doumbek.

I also added some tapping on the kalimba as well as a shaker track recorded in stereo to bring in some high pitched rythym.

On kalimba I played in the key of c to prepare for improvisation on my sitar. The sitar is tuned to Ravi Shankar tuning with lots of strings tuned to c, f, g and d.

Overall the improvisation has a calming sound to it with subtle reverb and delay on the sitar to add depth.

Thanks for listening :-)


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