This is our first adventure in 2022 ( Hiking to Velika Planina )

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Yay, that is our first adventure this year. I am super happy and super grateful.
I feel this year will be a year of adventure. Maybe I feel like that because I already planned adventures for a couple of months in advance.
I decided to plan my adventures this year because otherwise, the end of the year surprises me so quickly that I don't even know what I experienced during the whole year. And I have a few things this year that I wish to experience. I don't expect everything to go according to plan, but I know that if I don't plan, my life will plan it for me, not necessarily with the experiences I wish to experience.

#winterhiking #mountains #2022 #adventure

Matija Fröhlich
Sabina Sušnik

Matija Fröhlich

Welcome rain by Young Rich Pixies

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