Never too late to ride one more time 😎

in DTube4 months ago

Adapting to retirement may take some time, but it's a journey worth embracing. Remember, it's never too late to experience the thrill of riding once again. While you may retire from work, you can never retire from the exhilaration of hitting the open road. So, hop on your bike, embrace life, and pedal to the metal, my dear friends. Allow the legendary Old Man Chu to guide you in this adventure. Thank you all for joining me and remember to stay #aliveandthriving, #happytobealive, #livetoride, and remain proud to be a #biker. Keep the spirit alive!

Old man chu mini documentary about making funny biker video. Here are some footage behind the scenes if you want to check out the final video here it is
I’m ready to play the part and here is the camera man so remember to keep in touch. I show off some dance moves. LOL
Had a lot of fun making this movie with my kids. Light camera and action hope you guys enjoy it.

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