This EDF ROCKS! Lippisch P.15 Speed Runs | RC Planes

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Link to my article about buying my first EDF:

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Get your JETS in the air, friends!

Speed passes and glorious sunshine. Need I say more about this plane? Probably.

This plane is DEFINITELY NOT a first plane. Considering how quick her roll rate is and proclivity to nose down at launch and under power, I wouldn't necessarily recommend her as a first EDF either - unless you're prepared to learn how she operates from other pilots and program in a launch switch (extra up on the elevons for launch) and add in a bit of extra exponential than you used on your trainer.

The only way to see if she (or any other plane) is a fit for you is to GET FLYING!

Let's chill in the comments, talk RC and anything else happening in your life. Maybe you came here from RC, maybe this video was recommended because it's in essence, a vlog. Either way, it's cool here. We're all friends!

What I like and don't like about the Lippisch.. well, you'll just have to wait!

What I like about the FMS SuperEZ:

  1. The 1200mm wingspan - fits in my car without disassembly
  2. Flies well in wind
  3. Very durable construction
  4. Short take-off
  5. Lands well on rugged surfaces
  6. Flies on cheap and common 3S 2200mah LiPo batteries
  7. Perfect for inexperienced pilots

What I don't like:

  1. The tiny battery compartment
  2. Very floaty (requires longer than usual approach)
  3. Divisive styling (I'm not the biggest fan of her looks)
  4. Noses down during rolls
  5. May foster bad landing behaviour/technique as it is so tolerant to abuse
  6. May frustrate pilots who want more aerobatic capability/ snappiness
  7. No flaps

Enjoy the video and do all of those lovely things like commenting, liking the video and subscribing to Life with Nick and Hayley as well as checking out our other channel on Dtube!

Current Gear:

Filming: GoPro Hero 5, Samsung Galaxy S8

Transmitter: FlySky FS-i6X with 8Ch receiver.

Transmitter batteries: 4 x 2000mAh AA 'Energizer Recharge'


Freewing Lippisch 64mm EDF (stock 5 bladed fan on a 3s configuration)

Volantex Phoenix V2 2000mm (Banggood)

Used FMS SuperEZ V2 RTF ($180 - Bargain!)
Receiver and flight batteries: 4 x Zeee 2200 mAh 50c 3s
1 x Predator 1500 mAh 25c 3s (puffed)
Charger: iMAX B6AC single channel charger ($39 ebay purchase)

Simulator: ClearView
Favourite ClearView Aircraft: New favourites - MiG-15 and F-86 EDFs
Favourite ClearView flying site: Osage Park.

Current setup on the Phoenix:
Two settings of flaps (40 degrees and 80 degrees)

MUSIC: ACDC Back in Black

Disclaimer: This is not an RC vehicle channel. I am not an RC expert.


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