New York City on New Years 2020: Manhattan Island, Brookyln Bridge, Central Park,

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A month ago I took a trip to New York and report back what I saw. Details include flights, best transportation between airport and the island (I found a nice way to get from Newark Airport to Manhattan for only $4.35.), the landmarks around Manhattan, and more.

Plenty of Easter eggs in this one and commentary not often found in a travelogue. Such as:

  • A few Home Alone2 clips: "WATCH IT KID!! AHHHAHAHA!!"
  • What beauty in architecture and the lack thereof does to one's consciousness.
    The "hidden hand"
  • Peaceful parenting.
  • Dangers of fluoride and what it does to one's brain.
  • Why is a pinecone motif found in so many religious symbols, both Eastern AND Western?
  • The TSA's 95% failure rate.
  • Where I peed.

And much more!

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