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RE: Alex Jones Goes On Hysterical Tirade: "I Will Eat Your Ass" | Above It All #327

in DTube2 years ago

It doesn't surprise me, Alex Jones is a gun nut... When you take into account how many lunatics love to kill any mammal, avian, or fish they can legally kill, the idea that they wouldn't love to take down a more interesting prey doesn't surprise me.
A few weeks ago someone about 160 kilometers from where I live spent the night driving around and shooting humans and dogs, and burnt down some houses and vehicles, and so forth... the next day on the news people where surprised that the person was know for being nice and generous. Didn't surprise me at all, lots of people out in the rural areas are friendly, but love the kill anything the can get away with, the idea that one of them might decide to snap, figure they no longer have anything to loose and then decide to go out hunting humans is not surprising at all.

I must find a place to download a copy of that video... that is one of the best Alex Jones clips yet, even better than "They're turning the frogs gay!!!" and that one was pretty fucking hilarious.

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