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RE: Exercising Civil Disobedience & the Right to Peacefully Assemble - on 4/20/20 - Join Us, Use your Head, Speak Your Mind

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Happy to still see you posting. Lets get together soon, socially distant of course. I bought 50 different auto seeds this year and can't wait to see what happens, also need to get to your website still!

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Hey good to hear from you bro - yes I am still very serious about making that site... I found an example of something similar and it doesn't even compare the way I want to set it up:

IDK what happened w that site but someone told me to look at it as a reference for what I am doing. The platform we will create will be much more useful. LMK when you have some time to work on it - tried to hit you up on Discord but I do not see you on there any longer. I hope you are doing well, blessings.