Please, just do SOMETHING

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It isn't taking much these days to completely lose ourselves in nothingness. We could spend the whole day accidentally playing on Facebook and eating cookies.

This concept of doing something came to me through a conversation with my youngest son. He is very quick to get all his school work done, but then fills his day with other stuff. He flows from one thing to the next without really giving himself to anything.

I enjoy the artistic aspect of being free, and I also like the ability we have to master things like skills. At he is becoming an adult it would be nice for him to learn to actually engage in something and see it through. I think this will give him the skills to achieve anything he puts his mind to.

That's where it all came together for me. We adults are slowly losing our ability to see things through. We are becoming more comfortable with accidentally making it through our whole day without thinking. Not in a meditative state, but a zoned out state.

My plea today is that we please, just do something. Life intentionally. Make a decision and see it through. The depth of a life lived intentionally is immeasurable.

If you are going to blow off the whole day, eat cookies, lay around in your pajamas watching youtube... Do it on purpose!

If you choose your actions and see it through, it may prevent you/us from completely missing this thing we call life!

Be well
~The Yeti

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