Visiting Our Russian Friends In Turkey

in DTube4 months ago

It's one of the best videos I ever created.

We spent an awesome day with my wife and son. We met here Russian friends who invited us to another town called Kizkalisi what has a cool meaning I shared in the video. Also, we decided to spend a night there and I found those people likeminded people, especially the husband of the friend of my wife and I understood that it worth to be in touch with such a smart guy who is not exposed to propaganda and have a similar political thinking with me.

Anyway, we talked about many things, we spent a great time and enjoyed the place.

You'll enjoy the video for sure because I showed so many things in it.

Watch the video on Dtube here!

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Turkey looks very beautiful… now I want to move there from Canada.

It is too cold here …


It will be nice to see you here, especially now I need someone to rent out this apartment, because I have to live it soon.

Where will you go next ?

Looks very nice

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