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RE: Is Anything True?

in DTube7 months ago

Hello Steemian !
You know that on steem... and

For all posts... you can get a good vote automatically from @Cleanplanet

100% for a cleanplanet post
80% all other post

For the time being

  • Buy 800 CLEAN TOKEN with 0.192 STEEM
  • Burn 800 CLEAN TOKEN by sending to @null (with your steemit link as a memo)
  • Automatically get 100% of the votes --> +0.54 Steem (steempeak data) -> 50 % AUTHOR REWARDS = +0.27 Steem

A 100% manual vote of your #cleanplanet will earn you 500 CLEAN TOKEN

A Real WIN-WIN situation for the PLANET and YOU !
You really help @cleanplanet concept to grow and make a great action to reward better cleaners

Try it !!!