Trying Out Weed Stocks with Aurora Cannabis Inc

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One of the reasons I got into the Weedcash network was the hope to see weed something that hurt my younger life help me now. I recapped how weed and the laws of the past pretty much ruined my parent's life and lead them to an early death. That their love of this plant and trying to follow a dream put them in a place that they could not be saved. They tried to do a grow operation up in Northern CA. The place was pretty off the grid. I went up once but my father had never wanted me to take part in it. He knew I didn't use and didn't want to start me. In the end, both of them had heart attacks working on that land. It might have been the same in the city but they couldn't get to the hospital up there and both died in cars on the road. I can't really say more about that now or I won't finish this.


A change came to the world of Cannabis. One that I wish came sooner for them. But the laws changed and now grows are corporate and more mainstream. I still don't use weed but I saw it as a chance to maybe invest and make some money a different way to follow up on what my parents were trying to do. I took a chance on the Weedcash Token here and then Aurora Cannabis Inc stocks on Robinhood. I was buying in at an avg cost of 2.17 after it was down from its highs over $5. I was dollar cost in once it dropped like a rock down to under a dollar. I had over 300 shares so I was selling call options at 1.50 then buying a few more shares with the few dollars I would get. I pulled that off a few times then last week something a bit crazy happened.

The stock did a reverse split at 12 to 1. My 368 shares became 31. I was a little lucky that I was on the roundup side instead of the round downside of that last share. So now all a sudden my avg cost per share is $25.97 and the break-even on my dollar $1.50 is $18.03 and it ends this Friday. At first on this news the stock tanked. Down from $8.17 to the $6 range. I was like well shit what do I do now. I can't sell options anymore and now I will have to bring in more money if I think they will be okay. Then the earning reports come out and the suck on earns but do something people didn't see coming. Sold a lot of weed. Not sure why that was a surprise but they beat sales estimates by like 60% and bam today the stock is at 17.20 give to take a bit. now I have a chance of losing 25 of the shares if it can pass $18.03 by Friday. Pretty crazy week for the stock. I do wish I would have bought more but this whole being on Furlough is making me hold back on more investments.

So the question comes what to do next. I will start out just watching the price. As I can't sell 25 of my shares until next week. If the price doesn't go over $18 and I have them still do I sell now and just get out? Or do I buy more while it is under my avg buy to drive it down? Do I try to get to 100 shares so I can pay the options game with a bigger stock? You can give options but I will be trying to figure this out on my own. I think for sure I will just hold them. Not sure 31 shares can get me rich but would be nice to make a nice profit of something that pretty much took a lot from me.

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Come to the canna server and hit up @lethal. He knows a lot about stocks of you ever need some pointers, or want to give him some as well. Thanks for using the tag bro!

Thanks always looking for people to chat with about stocks.

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