Grow Log Contest - Win SBI - Weedcash - Weed #1 Germination / Blue Freedom - Grow Log #1

What is going on tokers? Today I would like to announce the start of a new growing contest brought to you by me @skylinebuds.

This contest is going to be one of a different sort. This contest is going to hope to spread the word and help get some more grow logs on to weedcash and steem.

To start this contest off I want to talk a little about what I hope to get out of this contest cause as I have been talking with @jonyoudyer a lot about the fact we need to see more and more growers and grow logs / grow journals over here on weedcash.

So I would like to start a contest of sort that will run weekly but will be broken down into weeks of a grow from germination to harvest with upvotes and prizes weekly.

Rules and format to Post:

1st: Has to be a New Grow for this Contest.

2nd: You have to have 2 or more photos per post.

3rd: Has to have 100+ Words for each Weekly Post.

4th: You have to Use #weeklygrowlog & weedcash & cannabis as your first 5 tags.

5th: Add Your strain + Breeder + Weedcash In post title.

6th: Make Post from Weedcash.

7th: Share your post on all social media from Twitter to Instagram to other social platforms.

8th: With the exception of week one that will be 2 weeks from posting date you have 7 days to make the post and enter in that week's rewards.

Prizes for this contest will be as follow:

You will get 1 SBI per weekly post. Only one Post per week will get SBI
You will receive a 100% vote from me.

The best post of the week determined by me will receive 10 SBI.

In the first week of this contest, we will clearly start the germination progress.

This post you will document about how you like to start your germination progress and how long they take.
It would also be good to maybe explain what strain your growing.

You can check out a sample of how the post should look below.

CBD Blue Freedom

I have only ever grown one of these plants that I got from the overgrow Canada people.

This strain is a CBD high at 10-1 that was breed by the overgrow Canada people to well spread cannabis wild across Canada again.

I grew one of these plants last year and it turns out to be a beautiful looking flower but my mistakes it turned mouldy by drying to wet.

The way I like to start my germination process is to use a DVD case and some wet paper towels. I have had some success lately with the peat pucks but this time I will start this with my trusted method.

Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a goal of 600 steem to help go towards a grow light.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

@ 0.0056 of 0.0102 BTC Goal - If you would like to help out please send steem to this account and reason in the memo and I will be sure to mention and give you upvotes.


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there should be a list of all steem blogs currently posting regular grow logs.... keep track of all the gardens on steem at any one time. promote the growers

Yeah, That's why for this I am using weeklygrowlog tag to keep track. Need to start a standard tag like growlog growjournal or something like that

This is awesome! @coffeebuds @canna-community will support this initiative with upvotes on every valid entry.

Awesome thanks for the support, Let's hope we can get a few logs coming in and new grows started

Looks great! Hopefully we can get more grows in weedcash!

Let's hope that we get more logs, I am hoping this helps but who knows

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I have lots of Freedom Dream CBD Seeds.... i always grow make and females .... I guess I should plant some more. Tricky with the puppy though ... she eats everything

Yeah eh, I hear that my one cat is a plant fiend she eats all house 0plants or cannabis that is in distance of her.

Her some going and join the contest or giveaway what ever you call it.

I will put some seeds in the water and do a mini grow with my 2 LED lights. I can also share your Posts on my Twitter with 11,000 Followers. wish I could get more votes on my Weedcash posts though....

that would be awesome, Do you post your cannabis post from the weedcash front end? if you do you will earn much more weedcash.

Make sure to use the weeklygrowlog tag on your new post and use the weedcash front end

Also have you checked out awesome way to make crypto on your videos.