Introducing The Canna-Community Curation Trail: A WeedCash Network Initiative to Support the Steem Cannabis Community

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WeedCash was the first Steem-Engine Tribe. We are not the biggest tribe, but we have been steadily growing the user base and market for our token since the beginning. We are honored to be a part of the Steem ecosystem and love interacting with other Steem-Engine Tribes like @naturalmedicine, @palnet, and @steemleo.

Is WeedCash Network a Tribe or a Community? Answer: Both!

We have always planned to integrate with Steem Communities and SMTs as soon as they become available. Communities are only in beta, but we have already integrated our Steem Community into the network by setting up auto posting through the community from the WeedCash Nitrous Steem front-end(, thanks to @eonwarped from the @steem-eng team. This effectively loops in our Steem community and the post is still posted to your Steemit blog.

This has already helped to grow our pending payout numbers making our Steem Community more visible. We were the first to do this and the Natural Medicine Steem Community did it soon after. I expect other tribes probably will too.

At WeedCash Network, we want to lead the way in integrating Steem-Engine and SMTs. Our SMT will be another expansion of our already expanding network. It will be pretty cool when you're earning STEEM, WEED (the Steem-Engine token), and WEED (the SMT), with one post, not to mention all the other tokens that can be earned depending on your tags/topics.

Expanding the WeedCash Network

We are the community for cannabis enthusiasts on Steem AND on EOS! We are currently growing our network through our EOSIO token and eventually through our EOS DApp and Decentralized Autonomous Community for Cannabis legalization through EOSDAC and Telos.

@Ackza just pointed out to me that Coin Gecko has noticed our EOS token after it was listed on NewDex

Curation Guild

Our growth includes a lot more than just giving out WEED rewards. For one thing, giving out STEEM rewards! To that end we are funding this Steem account(@canna-community) with all the funds from the ongoing Steem-Engine WEED sale. The first tier (20k WEED) has already sold out at .042 STEEM each. I should've know that one would go fast because that was some cheap WEED!

Congrats to all who got in on the first tier as we move towards the next one. As @weedcash's STEEMP holdings are already starting to grow, it's time to power up and start upvoting our users and growing the funds with curation rewards.

Earn Curation Rewards

I (@richardcril)l will be personally following our steemauto trail - canna-community with over 10,000 STEEM Power and over 20,000 WEED Power. I will follow the trail with a one minute delay so if you follow the trail, you will be voting in front of me, which will earn you curation rewards!

This will add value to our Steem Community by adding our upvotes to the pending payout total. We will add value to Steem in general by upvoting the best cannabis and psychedelic content on the Steem blockchain while providing a useful trail that you can follow to earn curation rewards.

Curation and Delegation

I (@richardcrill) will be manually curating the best cannabis and psychedelic content on Steem. I will only be using automatic voting on authors that are consistently producing the highest quality content. The bulk of the curation will be done manually. We will not be accepting delegation for votes, but we'll happily accept delegations if you just want to support the Steem Cannabis Community.

Join Our Community:
Follow Our Trail!:
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Trade WEED/STEEMP on Steem-Engine:
Trade WEED/EOS on NewDex:
Earn WEED:



So great to see our communtity grow and prosper!

I follow your lead on most things Richard - I love your vision and your calm, gentle way of getting it all done. I'll be definitely picking your brain when the SMT's roll around. Will look into the curation trails after Christmas - so much going on, and so much to organise yet with various accounts, curations and so on and so forth -you know how crazy it gets here! Remember the days when we just posted and that was it? xx Much love xx

Awe, you're too kind! This is just too much fun! Exciting times!

Once @someguy123 finishes his eosio v1 history node, he can add mroe than just telos and telos tokens. He can add WAX. Imagine, WEEDCASH also on WAX. WorldWide Asset Exchange, I know it seems like im jumping around but maybe we are supposed to land on WAX... it makes so much sense... WAX.. like weed wax.. and they are an asset exchange, imagine dispensaries using WAX to buy and sell legal cannabis products from each other, since many of them are standardized now, remember that 1 gram of cannabis backed token you dreamed of years ago? After a lot of infrastructure work we can finally back maybe, a new weedcash token on wax, and use it, for a limited run of wax cartridges, on wax chain, wax on wax..
weedcash can have all sorts of new tokens under it, but using a system we plan out for dispensaries and using SEED. then we can have a token for Kurvana cartridge, for cheeba chews hahah ist a ways away but could happen

anyway man im just so excited to see people step up and make these sorts of posts because we just need a lil more of this, and, for steemians to see what weve done and we could get stemians to buy so much weedcash it could support the weedcash newdex market AND if we get Newdex to awaken like it has been we could end up with eos community backing weedcash...

i have big plans for using which added Weedcash for us , so we have on chain eos AND WE CAN WORK WITH @APPICS AND really take this to the next level man imagine... all the weedcash users already can use it and use weedcash tag, but we can use appics tech ( and @challengedac ) to


We have a plan.. we have eosdac... we have working mobile app wallets token pocket, LYNX even MyEOSWallet and MeetOne probably has weedcash as well hah, we can also work on some amazing WEEDCASHTV posts on youtube AND do the 24/7 stream liek I have here using Streamlabs OBS and a 24/7 youtube and twitch stream showing my screen and telegram

We will have one for weedcash ill show you how to set it up with a twitch channel, youtube channel and streamlabs OBS

Cool man we are growing fast and the only thing we need is more people :)

I am trying to convince my really good friend who just started glass blowing to join Steem. He said he would but I need to create an account for him this week.

Just updated the CANNA token program and new rules are going into effect which should also accelerate token sales a bit.

Been buying up some WEED today and keeping a few orders on the books for ya guys!

Great progress! Thank you for the update on the latest developments.

I’m here..... can’t believe I wasted any time on Smoke. That place is a disaster.

Congratulations! :)
What kind of psychedelic content do you accept?

Thank you! Trip reports, or really anything to do with information or experiences around entheogens.

Check me in! ;)
I have a San Pedro /peruvian garden and last time it was something totally different! :)
So punching! and life's different........

ps. well.. some of the hawaiian woodrose seeds have sprouted... hopefully they're gonna dig through the winter indoors till i'm abroad...

I think the wave that is implemented is magnificent, I am from Argentina and I do not understand very well about upvote but I would like to be part of the community and win with you, I also wanted to know if someone can give me a link to join the community of Weed in eos, thank you very much !!!

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Welcome to Steem canna-community! Partiko is officially the fastest and most popular mobile app for Steem. Unlike other Steem apps, we take 0% cut of your earnings! You can also be rewarded with Partiko Points while using Partiko and exchange Partiko Points for upvotes!

Partiko for Android can be downloaded here on Google Play and the iOS version is available here on the App Store.

If you have more questions, feel free to join our Discord channel and ask, we're always here to help!

Thank you so much for your interest!

We are following the trail with a 20% upvote weight!

I am attempting to persuade my great companion who just began glass blowing to join Steem. He said he would yet I have to make a record for him this week.

Just refreshed the CANNA token program and new rules are going live which ought to likewise quicken token deals a piece.

Well if you get your friend to join, have him use the weedcash tag. Also there are many Steemians ready to spend money to support a Steemian/Weedcash glass blower, so keep that in mind. If you need an account, we can get you one for free, contact @jonyoudyer, or @richardcrill in the Weedcash Discord, just click the link below.


Too loathsome you had been not prepared to give indications of progress see inside, at any rate who knows... possibly it's never again even secure in there. An obligation of appreciation is all together for sharing what you found

Welcome canna-community!
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Love to be a part of te movement! Great community within the Steemit platform...

Weedcash will always be my first and favorite tribe!


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