Breakfast : The most important meal of the day😋

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Breakfast : The most important meal of the day.

Hi everyone. Good morning. Did you sleep well?

I’m typing this while stuck in traffic because why not ? One of these days I will really talk about my frustration with roads and road affairs but that day is not today. Why ? Because at least I ate breakfast this morning 😂😂
(My breakfast)

We’ve probably heard people say so many times that whatever you do in life, whatever you are going through, eat first. It’s no joke ohh😂 Take me for example, I should have been raving mad right now because this traffic is definitely going to make me late to where I’m going to, but at least I’ve eaten and it’s making me generally content.

And while you’re eating, eat especially breakfast.

Why then is breakfast the most important meal of the day ?

-You are just from a sleep of a couple of hours and while you were asleep, you were not eating. This is why breakfast literally means breaking the fast. As such, breakfast is extremely important that it provodes the initial nutrients that you need to start your day.

-If you’ve been looking to lose some weight without necessarily giving up yummy food, another way is to capitalise on breakfast rather than lunch or dinner. This is because, a good breakfast gives you feelings of being full and it can indeed carry you throughout the day, limiting the odds of you eating little snacks throughout the day that contribute to weight gain.🥰

-It is a great energy booster so early in the morning. We’ve all seen the difference between when you eat breakfast and when you don’t. You definitely have more energy when you do. Like me right now.

-Eating breakfast is also good against heart disease, helps form bones, and helps with digestion positively.

-Breakfast helps boost brain power. For this, I can use myself to confirm. I realised that whenever I ate breakfast the morning of a test or exam, it was easier to remember my notes rather than when I didn’t. True story.😂

-Why wouldn’t you want something yummy early in the morning ?🌚

These are just some of the benefits of breakfast and basically what I’m saying is, try as much as you can to get some breakfast before you go about your day.❤️

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Wow thank you for this explanations. Now I see the importance of breakfast

 last year 

A good one there. There's medicine in food. Some persons get busy to the detriment of their stomach.

 last year 

Me and breakfast is a big problem. I mostly eat just lunch and little snacks throughout the day😭😭. And I'm always cranky😂

 last year 

You see your life?😂😂

 last year 

This is what i tell my mother everyday but she does not believe me. When you miss breakfast you lose a lot. Thanks for sharing this

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Thank you very much🥰

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