Did you know 01 June is #SPUD4STEEM? How many Steem will you power up?

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1st June is #SPUD4STEEM and I will be participating in this edition of Spud4steem and look forward to powering up +100 Steem.

This edition is an exciting edition because Steemians will not only be powering up, but also burning 25% of their Steem earnings from their power up posts.

How prepared are you for this edition of spud4steem? Are participating in the Burn Steem Challenge?

Below is an image of my wallet before spud4steem:


Learn more about the @kiwiscanfly spud4steem challenge and participate by following the link: https://steemit.com/club100/@kiwiscanfly/spud4steem-1-june-2022-38k-prize-pool


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Good work my Friends, look at this account grow!

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