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Steem Greetings,
Today we celebrate a major achievement, Quadruple Dolphin. Today, we celebrate YOU for having gone this far with us. The road has been long with lots of challenges but we've stayed focused and committed to building our community account as well as supporting our members to thrive on the Steem blockchain.


Steem Cameroon was created to serve Cameroonians and we're proud that we're amongst the best supporting communities on the platform. By supporting our community members, we've been able to accumulate curation rewards that have seen us grow our community account from Minnow to Dolphin, Double Dolphin, Tripple Dolphin and now Quad Dolphin. By supporting you to grow, we've grown with your support and today we celebrate our growth.

Our new status as Quad Dolphin is evidence of the fact that From little things, big things grow and corrobarates to the adage that “Little drops of water, form an ocean”. Your curation upvotes, our curation rewards, the Cameroon Steemit Njangi, and the support from the Steemit Team have pushed us to this Quad Dolphin Status and we really want to Thank You for your support.

Account Before Power Up.


Account After Power Up.


Our journey to the next level has just started and we look forward to becoming an Orca. We will continue to create more avenues to grow the community account so that we can be able to reach out and support more to more users creating quality content in our community and beyond.

We are hereby calling on our community members to;

  • Continue to support us to grow by commenting, upvoting and resteeming all @steem-cameroon content
  • Massively participate in Steem Cameroon contests
  • Be consistent and committed to creating quality content daily on the platform.
  • Improve the level of engagement on other users' content. This way you create visibility on your content from other users.
  • Stay original and refrain from all forms of plagiarism.
  • Always check your account VP on and support others with upvotes. Do not allow your account VP to idle at 100.

Steem Cameroon is growing because of your support. We value and appreciate your support and look forward to receiving more support from you as we grow to become your Orca.


 4 months ago 

Very Nice achievement @steem-cameroon. Congratulations on your Successfully reaching 4X Dolphin. Wish you more success.

Happy 4X Dolphin Day for @steem-cameroon 👍😊

 4 months ago 

An achievement that deserves to be celebrated, I'm proud I'm from a community as this, they make huge efforts, their MODs don't sleep that's why the progress. The only place to go from here is up and I have no doubt that we will reach a Quintiple SP by year end.
Congrats again and thanks for sharing

 4 months ago 

This is absolutely kind of an excellent achievement , so I hereby extending my integral congratulations to the Cameroon Community , officials and all members.

 4 months ago 

The sky is certainly our limit.
The growth of a team mirrors the quality of it's leaders first before the members. I wish to congratulate our leaders and the whole of steem-Camerroon community.

 4 months ago 

Little drops of water do make an ocean. So proud of steem Cameroon on this achievement. We all put in the team work to make this happen. Let us continue to work hard and in hand with each other.

Cheers to more dolphins to come 🍻.

 4 months ago 

Congratulations to steem cameroon for your achievements. Slowly but surely we will make it .more dolphins 🐬 to come

 4 months ago 

This is indeed a month of overflow, let's gooooo Steem Cameroon. We will continue to get the work done, collectively and in one accord! Together, anything is possible so let's keep the fire burning at all times... Congratulations to our community, congratulations to us all!

 4 months ago 

Greetings friends @steem-cameroon

Congrats on this great step, little by little growing with our sights set on 50K.

 4 months ago 

Oh beautiful Steem Cameroon. How we grow so fast is really a mystery. I miss this place, I'm coming soon, work is a little too much for now. Congrats to you

 4 months ago 

Wowww, congratulations.
I'm more than glad to see the community account grow stronger and stronger.
More achievements ahead...

Glad to see a great steemian with the dolphin's 4th achievement🐬🐬🐬🐬

 4 months ago 

Congratulation steem Cameroon community the sky is our limit

 4 months ago 

Congratulations and more wins.

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