The dairy game 12/08/2021 every disappoinment is blessing

in Steem Cameroon4 months ago

Hello fellow steemians am excited sharing my dairy game with you today, it has been a long day but then we thank God i had to pass through it successfully.


I woke up this morning at 8:30am, said my morning prayers and read my Bible. After reading my Bible i then went out to do my house chores and prepare food for the house.
As i left my room, the first thing i did was to wash the dishes and then i cleaned the house and then helped my mother shifter her dry fish for the market.

After i had finished helping my mother, i then peeled potatoes and sliced some carbage and tomatoes. Well the process wasn't easy because i had to peel enough potatoes that could feed the house. After preparing the food, i then shared the food and my siblings ate.


After i had finished sharing the food i checked the time and discovered, i Was running late for practice , so i then rushed and changed and dashed off for practice. Well the most disappointing thing was on reaching the place for practice i discovered no one had come, and worst of all the door was locked.
So i then sat down and waited for my colleagues to come.


Immediately one of my colleagues arrived and still the owner of the church which we practiced in didn't come and we had to stand outside, then the other colleagues came and we had to stand outside and discuss till around 5, which we had to leave and go back home.

Well i was angry i had to go for practice and didn't end up practicing not knowing God wanted me to go for practice. As i left from practice i decided to walk till i reached the junction to take a taxi.

On reaching the junction, i then met one of my long time friends whom i had not seen for a long time, and then he gave me some money which at that time o really needed at that moment, to me i saw it like a blessing after a disappointment. As he gave me, i then took a bike and went back home immediately.

Only to enter and discover that the lights at home where disturbing. So i urged my siblings to go and carry water, so that the lights won't go of when we had not yet carried drinking water.


So i decided to do my dairy game a little bit earlier today. Thank you for reading


 4 months ago 

Wow it was indeed a blessing at the end. Masa that chop almost kill me for house

 4 months ago 

😂😂😂😂. The part where money is involved is the best part of the day. In fact I guess that money made up your day already 😁😁

 4 months ago 

Nothing happens without reason. So even though you didn't get to practice, I don't think it is a disappointment.

Your food looks delicious 🥰

 4 months ago 

Money is always a blessing, hahaha. Indeed

 4 months ago 

Wow you had a really busy day dear, i isually hate to peel irish because it takes much time. Thos eneo with light issues hein. Abeg send my own irish

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