My dairygame on the 11/08/2021

in Steem Cameroon4 months ago

Hello steemians, I hope y'all are doing great today, it's my pleasure to write another session of my dairygame.
Today I woke up at 6:00am and did my morning devotion with my family, after that did my morning chores, which was washing the dishes in the house,feed fowls.

Around 6:50 am I did my workouts as usual, after that took my bath and dressed up for work.when I arrived my director was not yet in office, so I waited for him , when he arrived the other interns and I cleaned the office. And the office was really busy today.

At 10:00 am, we were called by our appointee and he intructed all the interns to move to the meeting hall for lectures, after everyone had gathered there,the Chief of bureau of vehicle registration certificate gave every detail on how important it is to register your vehicle, also the requirements or procedures needed to obtain it at the Regional Delegation of transport.

After the lectures on vehicle registration certificate, the next document was drivers license and I really learn a lot today.
At 12:00pm which was lunch time we went to a restaurant which was close to the transport office and ate something.

After eating well came back to the office and continue work , still 3:30 which was closing time, I finally went back home.
Thanks for reading everyone

 4 months ago 

I luke the way your supervisors gather u all ehh

 4 months ago 

Internship is really tedious lol!!Atleast you have a couple of friends to hang out with. People like us are lonners in our companies. You had a great day fam

 4 months ago 

Waouh you really had fun. I didn't have the chance to get such nice supervisor. We once met and that was at finch's street under hot sun without drinks sef that i had left Bafoussam on speed be side of meeting with her. Yitchiii

 4 months ago 

There are days like day where your work place will be so busy throughout the day. Thank God for the lessons properly learned today.

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