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Hi friends 👋,

Good morning to y'all. It was a blistful night here with me. It's always an honor to Welcome you to my blog today. Today is another edition of my daily activities which I am very happy to be dropping down my diary game of yesterday Sunday 28/08/2022 which was a soccer day as I spend my morning at the field playing foot and the later part of the day at another football field watching the final encounter between Perménancé FC VS Hauza Quarter

Dear Diary,

morning period 🌅

I got up from bed at 5am, I did my morning prayers and then went and eased my self came back and then started transcribing my previous day diary game. It took me 30 mins to finish then I browsed again for about 30 mins before finally getting up from bed. I emmidiately went and brush my teeth then clean my face and prepared my self for field since it was a day I always go the field and play football


When I changed, I took off to the field and arrived when very few individuals had come. I started making sport as ran and went round the field serveral times. I then stopped and made little exercise at one spot before the all the players came. We then shared the game and I played in the site of pink jersey. We played the match for exactly 3 hours before closing and my team won 7:5. We then left back home and emmidiately clean all my sport equipments before taking my bath.

After my bath, I ate then took my phone and started browsing while watching the television and finally slept off in the chair because I was feeling very tired

Afternoon 🌞 period

In the afternoon at 2pm, my friend and I decided to go and watch football encounter in the field because it was a final football competition which means alot of people where anticipating for the day to come because it wasn't going to be easy at the field as the final teams where well preparing themselves

So on going to the field, we decided to take some pictures along the way which you can view below


When we finally arrived at the field, we had to pay for tickets before entering the stadium because the final was taking place at USM de Loum main football stadium. So we paid 300 FCFA (about 2.2 STEEM at current STEEM value of 0.22) each before entering the stadium.

My ticket

When we entered, the match had not started yet. So we where entertained by fan club members of the both teams as they where well prepared, jubilating and feeling very happy. Below you can see pictures and videos of some of the fan club members dancing, jubilating and entertaining the mass population that was present at the field


the most entertaining fan club

This is the most entertaining fan member and he is a man though dressed like a woman( because he has put on artificial breast and ladies clothes) and this guy can entertain for Africa as he is so so funny 🤣

After the entertainment, the match was about to start as all the two teams came furward and the national anthem was sang followed by match check-up as the two teams greeted each other. After that the two captains went for a toss to see who will passed the ball first


Evening 🌆 Period

The final started at exactly 4pm and it was very entertaining as both teams had alot of professional footballers who knew how to play and handle the game of football best. First half was later finished still with 0 : 0 as scores



The 2nd half began and it was more entertaining as both teams put in more pressure and the match was well balanced. Both teams had several chances to score but didn't score as the match finally ended 0:0 and it was now time for penalty shootouts. Perménancé finally won Hauza Quarter on penalties shootout 5 : 4

The cup for the finals

After jubilation and price distribution, I later went home at about 6:30 pm. I changed and then ate then at 8pm, i had an online WhatsApp meeting with my old secondary school mates and we ended at 10pm and I browsed again for about 30mins before going to bed


It was a joyful Sunday as I was able to go the field and Play football and was also able to go and watch a final tournament competition in the field which I was well entertained

My regards : @chiabertrand

 2 years ago 

I can see you had a great day .Spending time with your friend watching football .Gaming entertained alots

 2 years ago 

Thanks for appreciating my day dear. Indeed it was a fun fill day and I enjoyed it

 2 years ago 

What a fun filled day

 2 years ago 

Indeed it was a fun fill day... Thanks for passing and appreciating my day

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