THE DIARY GAME:10/10/2021 (worst experience with the military)

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Greetings fellow steemians
I woke up from bed today Sunday the 10th at 6:30 am, carried water and cleaned the dirty dishes at home, mopped the floor then I brushed my teeth and took my bath. Then I dressed up for church, arranged the bed and a friend of mine Diana joined me and we took a bike together to church. When the bike arrived at the control at below foncha, the military people called me and asked me to give them my identity card which I did, then they asked for my phone to check if I have anything incriminating in it. I unlocked the phone and gave them one of them asked if I am a scammer, I replied “no”, they asked multiple times and I gave them the same answer, they said since I am refusing that I am not a scammer, I should remove my shoes, remove my top and sit in the mud. I removed them and sat in the mud meanwhile I still didn’t know my crime, one said since I am only denying that I'm not a scammer, we will soon go to ntambessi gendarmerie, I replied “I no get problem” with the mind that





The images you see above are actually the things they saw in my phone and said I use them to scam. I tried explaining that the plates were sent to me by a seller for me to select the ones I need. I even showed them the chats and screenshots of payment which I made to the seller.






They told me to remove my cloths, remove my shoes and sit in the mud, I tried pleading with them that I am not a fraudster and that I was actually on my way to church before they stopped me. They insisted I sit in the mud, one of them said since I am refusing that I am not a scammer, I’ll be taken to the gendarmerie, I replied in pidgin “I no get problem” immediately I answered, I received a kind of slap which I had never received in my life. I removed my shoes, removed my top and sat in the mud. I was on a bike with a friend Diana so when she arrived the church, she told the pastor what had happened and he took his car and came after I had been in the mud for about 2 hours. Before the arrival of the pastor, the military asked how much I had, I said nothing . They told me to dress up and leave, as I was dressing up, my pastor arrived and asked them why they held me, since they didn’t have any proof to say I was a scammer, they told him that I was rude to them.

He just asked me to enter the car let’s go, we left and went to church, I cleaned up in church and by 1 pm, church closed and I went back home. At home I took a bath and slept from that time because the memory of the incident was really giving me a bad day.

Thanks for reading


 2 months ago 

Chaiii massa, people who are supposed to protect us have began to treat is as slaves. What an unfortunate occasion here. It's only God that'll judge them it's more than stupidity it's madness.
Courage bro, we meuve

 2 months ago 

This is what a lot of innocent youths are going through outside now. I know it is their job to check phones but is the inhuman treatment necessary.
Then when they later on realize that the victim is innocent, they still tell you to give them some money before leaving

 2 months ago 

That's just the sad part! I once was almost molested in Bambili on such occasion. They look only for means to get more money. Their mates are fighting in the bush and they're out making noise

 2 months ago 

Aswear bro
Instead of trying to make the population to be on their side, they are instead pushin Them away

 2 months ago 

That Bamenda no be place for be...


I’m not coming back again

 2 months ago 

Brother bamenda don be na different level

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 last month 

Hahaha guy its not funny i know
Massa kai
"Even if you bi nges man"
May God help us not to retaliate in such situations...!
Bro sorry for such an experience

 last month 

Aww lie you???