in Steem Africa10 months ago

Has more people going to share with me their hard times, lay me take this opportunity to share my hard times ehhhhhh!!
I know more will see as joking story but this a real story which happen to me today I was so stressed myself for a the full day.
Today is the day which am gone forgot in my life I wake up in the morning and go to look for what to eat today. But I sleep in my bed without any single and this month I has more difficulties in my life and sometimes I ask myself that God forgot me that am also a human being which what to feed myself a day.
At around 10:00am my stomach start warming up as usual you know knocking for the breakfast since I did not take anything during supper time not because am dodging but the truth I don’t have what to eat. Ehhh!!
So also I dodge breakfast thinking that am going to lunch soon and fill the gap my friend reading this the story continues. From now is started thinking about my academic papers, I think now I have gone to school for what even I cannot afford to feed myself a day imagine.

At around 2:00pm I just confirm that lay I specialized this day and fast while am praying to God because the more you pray the more chance to get near to God!! #thediarygame

So today am going to pray to God for myself and those Needy children who have spent more than 1 day without eating taking anything in their stomach
Please God answer my prayers
Please God answer my prayers
Please God answer my prayers
Please God answer my prayers
Please God answer my prayers
Thank you for reading please you can share.