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Greetings my fellow steemians,I am so glad that I am able to take part in this amazing contest organised by @yohan2on,my sincere gratitude goes to you.
Its so exciting and encouraging for us Ugandans and Ghanaians who are able to take part,at last we get a contest for Ugandans!how nice😄😄😄😄.



My favourite hobby is reading.I love reading books/novels.anytime I get to be free I catch a novel during my leisure time.its an activity that actually gives me peace of mind because I love to do.

The reason why I love reading novels its because of so many reasons such as entertainment,knowledge, better writing skills,stronger thinking skills and stress reduction.
Reading has really helped me a lot in life.through different books that I have read I have learnt so many things from them like how to go about life,how to find my strength and confidence plus I have really improved in my writing skills.

I have read books from different authors for example;Take the risk by Ben Carson,choosing forgiveness by John,the obstacle is the way by Ryan,the smart money woman by Arese,Becoming by Michelle Obama, Everything is figureoutable by Marie forleo, Mine was learn by Sheryl.these are some of the books I have read in the past year a half.each year I always make sure I read 4books.

Actually no one inspired me to take such a hobby its something I found myself enjoying each time I had the chance during my leisure/free time.In high school my favourate subject was liturature and English. I always couldn't wait for that time of liturature lessons which always brightened up my days of school and then at university i took science in journalism because it gave me enough time to get reading and improved my skills in writting.

I think i have already impacted the world through my reading.
I created a watsup group and added some friends of mine who like reading and they also kept adding some more people.we read a book every 2months and then meet up to discuss different ideas about the book which builds up our knowledge and vocabulary expansion plus making more friends.

I encourage people to read a page each day it really gives you something new to learn about.
Much appreciation goes to @yohan2on for this contest.

Stay reading and thanx for your support.


Reading is very great hobby. May be I can as well join your whatsapp group and get to the reading business with you guys. You are doing a great task motivating and building each other up through sharing the knowledge that is hidden in books.

Thanks for sharing with us your reading hobby. I wish you all the best.

Thank you....the group is actually for only ladies.if i happen to know one with men,i will hook you up.

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