Better Life || The Diary Game: 1st Entry || 20th February 2021

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Hello again, Steemit Tigers!

You are all so good to me, and I've been looking forward to visiting you again. First off, I had to come back if only to thank @booming02 for his supreme generosity towards me. Thank you. If you ever have to withdraw your support from me for any reason, you may do so with my blessing. However if you continue to grant value to my work, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to continue to thank you. Prolly less profusely next time though. From the bottom of my heart 🖤❤🤎🤍 Thanks~


Fellow Tigers I come to you Happily...

...if not Proudly,

to present my FIRST-EVER entry to "The Diary Game"...


Dear Diary,

I have no idea why a grown-man would ever want to write a diary. When I was a kid I bought a journal at Wal-Mart with my allowance money. I wrote two entries in that little book and then threw it in the garbage. I always told the Truth but I never liked doing it.

Speaking of garbage.... today is my first day off work since last Saturday, so I better do some cleaning up around here. It looks like my Inner Landfill is overflowing...


I'll have to sort the recyclables out of there before I bring it outside, but that's okay. I have time.

Sadly the reading I've done tells me that most recyclable materials in the USA end up in landfills whether you recycle them or not. If no one buys the recyclable materials after we recycle them, they get thrown away. Hopefully whichever authors gave me this information didn't know what they were talking about.

Someday the leachate from those Landfills will be the air our children try to breathe and the water our children try to drink, but that's okay. I think most of us can agree that's their problem and not ours.

I think we as humans can all agree that it doesn't matter what the garbage is or how we cram it all together. As long as it's all together in one place, it's okay. That's what Landfills are for!

Here's where I bring my overflowing Inner Landfill so the Garbagemen can bring it to an Outer Landfill.


Hey Diary,

I gotta get some Swishers from the corner store quick. Can't take out the Landfill til I get some Tobacco. I hope you don't mind, but I'm bringing you with me.


Thanks to the angels: we made it here safely.


Thanks to the angels: I got some Tobacco.


Thanks to the angels: we made it home safely.


But, dear Diary...

there's really so much cleaning up to be done around here, and I really need some coffee before I get after it. I'm going to go visit my only friend in the real-world, who happens to live across the hall.

Like a lot of hardworking men around here, he values his privacy. He doesn't want me taking pictures of him and posting them on the blockchain.

While I'm there his daughter will prolly try to get me to teach her some more guitar. She really wants to learn, but she doesn't want to listen. Kids!

I'm sorry, my Diary, but I'll have to leave you at the door for now.


Goodbye, dear Diary, until we meet again~

#tigers #thediarygame #archangels #michael #gabriel #metatron #thanks #betterlife

in everything there is a spirit, even the littlest thing~
even in a lovely planet going up in flames~
even in a noble captain going down with the ship~

fir the loveliest planet of all 💜


Your post is very beautiful and amazing i like it you working very hard good luck

thank you for that. I'm happy to hear you liked it.

good luck to you~

Wow awesome diary, I also wrote diary in my childhood days and now here I'm writing my diary in #steemit

That's right @shohana1 -- it's the glorious Early Days once-again-in-a-lifetime here-on-the-blockchaim.

I had so much fun with the first entry that I already posted a "2nd entry." I'm not going to shamelessly-self-promote-any-further by putting an actual link here, but I will say that if you wanna go looking for it, it's in another great and up-and-coming community -- Stars.

I hope you are enjoying your Diary as much as I have been enjoying my dear Diary recently!

Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

very nice diary, It was a nice read

tank ye miss

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