Happy Earth Day To All Steem Family - Let's Save The Earth

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Hello everyone I hope you will be fine and well by the grace of Almighty Allah who is most merciful and kind to everyone.

Happy!! Earth Day

As most people know that today is Thursday, 22 April 2021 which is Earth Day and I wish you all Happy Earth Day !.


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But stop we do not have to only wish ourselves but we have to do something for the Earth. As we know that today earth has become very polluted and everyone is making it polluted by his activities. I am not saying that I am not polluting the Earth.

So today as it is the happy day to celebrate but we should not celebrate it with those things which makes it insecure and polluted. We should celebrate it by making some careful management to save the earth. By making some plans which will help to stabilize the earth.

So today I am going to tell you some amazing plans by which we can save our Earth and similarly make it secure and healthy for ourselves. It is clear that if we will make our earth neat and clean then our bodies and minds will remain neat and clean, and we can live long.

Let's Save The Earth

As we know that today everyone is spreading dust and other garbage on the roads as well as in the streets. All the factories are throwing their bad and poisoned water full of harmful chemicals are leaving in the open areas which hurt the earth most. In this way, the fertility of the land decreased and the land becomes dead. Now we cannot get anything from this dead land.


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We should make some careful management and there should be a special field to protect the earth and there should be the rules and regulations against the people and factories due to which earth is damaged all the time.

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We should not through garbage and other wastes in the open areas. There should be a proper system to manage this garbage. Even we should not spit on the roads because it also makes our earth polluted.

There are many examples especially in developing countries that the wastes of households and dirty water are spread in the streets and in the open areas. In this way, the diseases spread but on the other hand, the earth becomes polluted and dirty. Due to the flow of the dirty water in the open areas, the earth becomes of no use because its fertility ends because of this action, as many harmful chemicals are contaminated with the earth. So we can save our earth by the proper management of the flow of the dirty water. In this way we can succeed in saving, the earth and we can now say Happy earth Day.

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The other major factor which counts is the cutting of trees as trees are the important factors which give us oxygen to inhale but on the other hand, these trees strengthen the Earth. The roots of the trees make the Earth strong and healthy and save it from the loosing of the fertile minerals which are the main power of the earth. So we should not cut the trees but on the other hand, we should grow plants.

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We should run plantation teams to plant new plants to save the earth and in this way, we can also inhale easily in the excess of oxygen. By the plantation, we can make our earth strong but on the other hand our earth and environment clean and safe. It will make us healthy and strong and we will be able to live long.

I think this may help in saving the earth. Happy Earth Day

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Sir @mohammadfaisal you prepared a post on earth day is really excellent. You absolutely said well that we should save Earth and planting on it. Your post is really appreciable. Wish you too sir Happy Earth day 💓💓

Thank you dear fellow for your best wishes along with the Happy Earth Day.

Ur post is osssm

We should do something for our earth to keep it safe from damage.

Stay blessed

Yes, it is necessary to do something good to make our earth safe and sound as it is ultimately our benefit.

Today is World Earth Day and World Tree Day because the humanity that is here is living and the trees that are here are the ones that provide oxygen and carbon dioxide to man and the ones that man needs most. And we should plant as many trees as possible because it also provides shade to human beings and they play a very important role in climate change and it has many benefits for human beings and you have prepared the post very well. Of course you are doing a great job

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