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Hello friends how are you I hope you are doing very well.

If you ask me, I try to be good too. It will be good for me to write again after a long break. Summer is our busiest time. That's why I don't even have time to rest sometimes. It is really tiring to commute to and from the job site since you are working in different places.

After long journeys, we arrive at the workplace and continue our work. While the summer heat started to feel better, it started to rain heavily towards the evening these days, and floods occurred in many places. These floods are not very common in the summer months.

I woke up early in the morning, got ready to go to work after having my breakfast at home. I use an electric motorcycle to go to work. It actually feels good to walk, but our morning walks in summer make us sweat a lot and we have to stand with that sweat all day long. That's why I use an electric motorcycle, I arrive at work in a short time.

When I arrive at work, I first try to get my work done in the laboratory. After drinking our morning tea with friends, we leave the workplace to go to the construction site. After traveling for approximately 1 hour, we arrive at the construction site.

We share work with friends at the construction site to check the work. I'm mostly interested in experiments. That's why, we took a laboratory colleague at the construction site and went to get a compression test from the material of the area where the pipes will sit.


While laying the pipes, a material with a certain gradation is used and a raw material that covers both the bottom and the top of the pipes. In the content of this material, stones and other foreign parts exceeding a certain size are removed. After this material is laid, compaction is done with a tool called compactor.


To check whether the compaction is sufficient, we measure the compaction of this material with a method called Sand cone.





I will share the details of the compression test in another post. To conduct the experiment, we lowered the materials into the excavated canal and began to conduct the experiment. We conclude the experiment by transferring the values we found here to the leaflet in the computer environment.

As a result of our experiment, the compression must be between the given min values. If the compression process is not sufficient, the test process is performed again by compressing it a little more.


This test is done every 250 meters. Of course, this meter range may change in the technical specifications of the work.
After doing the experiment, we came to the construction site to have lunch. After eating, you need to rest a little.

After I ate my meal at the construction site, we added the results of the compression test to the relevant leaflets. We chatted a little while drinking tea with friends. Afterwards, we left the construction site to check the works in the field again.





After visiting and checking the works carried out in different places, we met with our friends at the construction site to return home. After everyone finished their work, we set off from the construction site to the house.

When I get home, first of all, I take a nice shower to remove the tiredness of the day and the dust and soil on us at the construction site, then after having dinner with my family, we end the day with a cup of tea

That's all for today, thank you for reading my article. As a Club100 member, I continue to share on the steemit platform.


All Photos Taken From My Huawei P Smart 2019 Phone. It belongs to me.

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Hello @habercitr friend, how are you?

I have seen the compacting tool in your photo, they have used it to compact the bottom of the trench, here in Venezuela we call this compacting tool "frog", but I really don't know why, hehehe

I know this would make you very curious or laugh, that's why I'm telling you.

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Hello @tocho2 my friend I am very good. How are you?

:) Frog? it's really funny. :))

But when I think about it, this compression tool looks a bit like a frog :))

 2 months ago 

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