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Good day to all steemians, trust you are all doing fine. It's my pleasure to welcome you all to the week 4 of this contest and I want to say it's being an interesting journey so far. Special thanks to this amazing community for coming up with this interesting topic. So in this post, I will be making an aeroplane with paper. Kindly follow me as I show you step by step procedure to do this.

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I remember vividly well while growing up, it was always a pleasure for me and my friends to work with papers and make a craft out of it. We would search the house for any available paper and sometimes even tear out from our school notebooks just to make paper crafts like kite, boat, aeroplane and so on. Unfortunately, while growing up, we had to leave most of this stuffs behind because we've outgrown it. Reminiscing about my childhood days, I remembered I love making aeroplane with paper. I really appreciate the Steem Venezuela community for helping us re-ignite this memories.

So right about now, I'm going to be showing you how I make my aeroplane with a piece of paper.




  • First step is to take a plain sheet of paper as seen below


  • Fold it into two equal halves, we can see this in the picture below


  • Then fold the top of the paper to make a right-angle triangle both on the left and right side as seen below


  • After doing that, proceed to fold the triangle shape paper into equal halves as seen in the image below.


  • Finally, you will now fold the arm of the triangle backward as seen below.


  • The image below is the end product of the craft work.


  • Myself with the paper aeroplane





Creativity is the natural ability to make something out of nothing, I think it's important as humans we should keep working on our creative minds so we can develop and build greater things.

In this post, I have been able to discuss and show you step by step method on how I was able to use my creativity to build an aeroplane using an A4 size paper. It's been great working on this and I would love to invite my friends @meivys @bright6126 @badmus-official @leonelb to participate in this contest.

Thanks for reading through !

 2 years ago 

I congratulate you friend, your explanation is easy to understand and the images are of quality. Good luck in the contest!

#affable #venezuela

Saludos amigo @feyol55 es una buena técnica el origami asi realizamos buenas figuras. El avión te quedo muy bien parece un aeroplano te deseo éxito y bendiciones.

Thanks so much for reading through, I would love to enter an aeroplane ✈ one day

 2 years ago 

Hi @feyol55

Origami is an art that helps develop creativity and motor skills.

You made a very nice little plane and your publication is well explained.

Thank you for participating in this contest, I wish you much success.

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Thanks for the review admin.

Nice steps this aeroplane hope it will fly us to Venezuela 😂😆😄 your explanation is so clear and understandable, thank you for sharing this with us here

Hahaha 😂 definitely, I hope to visit Venezuela one day in my private jet, thanks for reading through.

 2 years ago 

La creatividad y las buenas técnicas han dicho presente amigo excelente la realización de tu avión mucha suerte.

Saludos 🇻🇪👍

What a wonderful write up.This post has taken me back to be childhood life where my freinds and i usually make aeroplane paper and be running from one quarter to the other.

Good to hear this 😄 I too will never forget those moments, thanks for leaving a response.

Hello friend, I hope you are well, I loved your creation, that plane looks great on you..

Thanks friend, I'm happy to hear your review, thanks for leaving a response.

 2 years ago 

Our mind is the most powerful thing we have, of course we must work hard on it and show off our creativity is brilliant.

I also tore sheets from the notebook to make airplanes, when I was in my living room I used to throw them, there were many moments of enjoyment at that time.

You have done well with your airplane, good luck in the contest my friend. Cheers.

Surely our mind is powerful,I quite agree with you...Thanks so much friend for dropping a response !

We love quality entries like this! Thanks for this piece

Thanks so much friend ! Thanks for taking your time to read through.

I remember making aeroplane with paper during windy seasons in childhood . But some aeroplane were falling without flying.

Haha, that's quite funny, we all have memorable childhood experiences doing this, thanks for your response

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