My Actifit Report Card: May 9 2020

in Actifit3 months ago

A reasonable amount of exercises daily helps keep the body in good shape, and strengthen the mind. My report today is as a result of my daily activities. Despite the lock down in my state today, I had to go to site because my office has a project to deliver this month.

During this lock down, I usually condition myself to routine walks and exercises to make the body strong and maintain shape while I stay safe. However, It feels good to be able to go to work, stretch my arms and legs, and sweat under the sun. How blessed that feeling can be after a long time of lockdown.

In this trying time, your health is important, not only for you, but for your family, friends and the whole community. Ensure that you are not ignorant of this, and you're not aiding the spread of the dreaded corona pandemic

Whatever you may do, ensure that you keep on keeping fit, and...

Be Safe...

Daily Activity, Walking, Yard Work

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