Quarantine Life Day 289 / My Actifit Report Card: December 30 2020

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Good day Actifitters!

So I was saddened on a news that one of my deaf students has passed away when my friend sent me a screenshot of the relative's post. I looked out for his Facebook account when the lockdown started but I couldn't find one. He doesn't have Facebook account, and how I wish I have contact of his relatives. His family name is very common that it's hard to find any from his family on Facebook.

Covid19 Cases

Total cases reached the 82 million range already, and it's actually 82.51 million. United States (19.91 million), India (10.24 million), Brazil (7.61 million), Russia (3.13 million) and France (2.6 million). Data can be checked here. United States is getting closer to 20 million, while Spain is close to 2 million.

Philippines remained at a certain range of surge now at more than 472k. It might be due to holiday. There's a bit of surge in our province at 289. But that may change after the holiday.

Actifit Report

It's holiday so others can lead the virtual deaf ministry as they don't have secular work. I can relax a bit by just waiting for an assignment. It is a usual Wednesday though as I did my chores, exercises, etc. I need to aim to reach my @actifit goal which I haven't achieved for several days.

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