My Actifit Report Card: May 9 2020

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Good evening Steemians, Hiveians, and Actifitters!

I might not have reached the minimum of 5,000 activity counts today, but I have been active with different activities. Anyway, more than 3,100 counts is not that bad.

Getting up in the morning may not be that fine considering anxiety level is higher in the morning. But I tried my best to do my activities accordingly. I started with reading some Bible verses, then I did tapping for anxiety, and deep breathing. Afterwards, I went on with my exercises with stretching first, followed by push-ups, planking, and sit-ups.

I went downstairs to prepare our breakfast, then I proceeded to work online. I did other stuff as well before preparing our lunch. In the afternoon, I prepared for the sign language class online. Afterwards, I did other stuff as preparing for our upcoming C.O.'s Visit, which will be held via videoconferencing.

How I miss this moment when we hiked on our way to Dibulo Falls.

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