My Actifit Report Card: July 7 2020

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When was the last time You and your friends Get together?

Socialising I believe is very important to our day to day life.

Here in Actifit, we talk all about our steps and what we have done for our fitness.

Many of us were lockdown for long number of days.
Many gone crazy because we forget about socialising.

Being social keeps us sane. One vital factor to keep our mind healthy.**

Think about you being alone and lonely for so long! Well, with the internet these days, we keep being social.

For many? Many gone mad.
Being social keeps our mental health funtion well, because there is an interaction between two people.
A person whom you can tell your shitty stories, A person you can cry on and can make you

Life is tough without friends and family you ate close with at this time of crisis.

Even in Davao city now, getting together is not allowed. But we do it anyway. Because we been lockdown for long.
Keeping social is something we cannot say no as it will help us physical and mental health.

GO SOICAL today.

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