Can someone help? Not receiving upvotes from Actifit for my Reports? Help please!steemCreated with Sketch.

in Actifit4 months ago

So there has been a lot of changes on the blockchain in the past week and a half or so. I try my best to keep up but sometimes its difficult. I have a life and other things to worry about sometimes.

I have been trying to use the Android Actifit App to post my reports like usual but I have yet to receive any upvotes from Actifit recently.

I understand the Actifit community is probably where to post the reports and according to my eSteem App my reports were being posted to the correct community number.

I actually own my own community and I understand that the only way for your followers to see a post that was posted inside a community is to re-steem it. Must I re-steem my Actifit reports also?

I apologize if these are annoying questions, perhaps I should pay closer attention to what goes on.

I tried to mention @actifit in my last activity report, in the hopes they would somehow notice and help me out. I also commented on one of their recent posts asking for help.

Overall I am just pretty confused and getting discouraged a little. I really enjoy using Actifit.

Can a @actifit person help me out or anyone with knowledge help me? I would really be super appreciative and thankful! Please!

Steem on folks.


Have you tried contacting them on their discord?

I will try that! Thanks!