More Alarmism on Water Levels

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Global sea levels are rising at an 'alarming rate'

The report reveals ways in which the ocean is changing and the consequences of those changes, including rising sea levels, ocean warming, and sea ice loss.
The report revealed that [the] Arctic sea ice extent is decreasing, finding that from 1979 to 2020, it lost sea ice equivalent in area to about six times the size of Germany.

Yesterday I gave you a little experiment dealing with observing what happens to a glass filled with water and ice. Does it overflow when the ice melts? No. There is the Thermosteric effect, where sea levels expand due to water molecules becoming more disperse when heated. In this graphic, they identify that of the "3.1 mm" of Global Sea rise, that 1.3 mm is due to the Thermosteric Sea Level Rise.


I might remind you of the report I talked about yesterday on the findings that they had on a single report analyzing data going back thousands of years. They found the following data concerning the loss of ice on Greenland. I purposely left a section of the graphic off. I will show the full image today:


The top graph (a) describes the changes in the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) as follows:

the orange bars mark periods of time at each site when the GrIS was less extensive than today (organic sediments), and blue bars marks periods of time when the ice margin was in a position similar to today (silt).


Remember that the Daily Mail article at the top is only describing a tiny period of time on the extreme right of the "New Tool" Graphic from 1979 to 2020.
It is interesting how they might be measuring their data. You will notice that various areas are mentioned with the "Pacific Islands Total Area" being 3.4 mm.

I am not sure how Honolulu would factor in this but here is a chart showing actual readings and not modelled data.


Sea level rise is not consistent. If the years selected had been between 1955 to 2018 the increase would have been much more than the global average while if it had been between 1959 to 2010 it would have been negative.


This slide is more telling. First, the global average rise of 3.1 mm is not new news. It had been previously reported by Judith Curry in 2018. It also indicates that in some places the increase is well below the average. It is less than 1/3 in Sydney Australia.

I don't deny that sea levels are rising and I don't deny that it will have an impact on people. Ask the people who lived in Dwarka thousands of years ago. It is now 100 feet below water. What about Heracleion that was submerged almost 2000 years ago and is now 30 feet below water. The sea level has been rising since the last ice age partly because the ice has been melting but also as some of the lands rebound from being compacted.

I accept that the ocean level is rising by 3.1 millimetres per year. However does it matter?

Scandinavia is still rising at a rate of about 9 millimeters a year, three times faster than the Baltic Sea is rising.

On the Baltic Coast of Sweden and Finland, Sea Levels Are...Falling?



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