Carbon Dioxide Is Not Endangering the Planet? Craig Idso vs. Jeffrey Bennett Debate

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The tootsie roll goes to Craig Idso

In this video of a debate, the resolution was that Carbon Dioxide Is Not Endangering the Planet. Craig Idso supported the side citing that temperature precedes rises in CO2. If the temperature is the independent variable CO2 cannot be the control knob that governs our climate. Jeffrey Bennett took the opposite position that tens of thousands of scientists have been writing papers citing that CO2 was the governing factor.

I don't know what convinced the 49% of the audience that "Carbon Dioxide Is Not Endangering the Planet" vs 41% believing who believe "Carbon Dioxide Is Endangering the Planet" but one of the factors that convinced Jeffrey Bennett was his studies of the planet Venus.
He started off dismissing an important difference between the planet Earth and Venus and that is distance.
He uses this cute illustration of the relative distances the Earth and Venus have to the Sun. Both are very far from the Sun and apparently quite close together.

#Venus distance from the sun

Closest/perihelion/minimum= 107,476,170 km (66,782,600 miles) (0.718 AU)
Farthest/aphelion/maximum= 108,942,780 km (67,693,910 miles) (0.728 AU)
Average distance of the Venus from the sun= 108,208,000 km (67,229,630 miles) (0.722 AU)

#Earth distance from the sun

Closest/perihelion/minimum= 147,098,291 km (91,402,640 miles) (0.98 AU)
Farthest/aphelion/maximum= 152,098,233 km (94,509,460 miles) (1.1 AU)
Average distance of the earth from the sun= 149,598,023 km (92,955,902 miles) (1 AU)

If we focus first on Earth, it ranges from 0.98 AU (Astronomical Units) to 1.1 AU. There is a certain amount of complication due to the tilt of the planet but the difference between summertime temperatures and wintertime temperatures is at around 27 degrees C (roughly 50 degrees F) in my part of the world. That is a difference of 0.12 AU. The closest that Earth gets to Venus is 0.252 AU. It is natural that Venus would be much warmer.

The other thing to consider is that Green House gases do collect infrared radiation. Consider though that Earth's atmosphere is 0.04% CO2 (400 ppm). Venus' atmosphere is 96.5% CO2. That is 965,000 ppm. There is a definite parallel between the temperature of Venus and Earth but the differences between the two are too great.

If the debate had been held between two different people, it might have gone a different direction. It is clear though that anyone expressing the opinion that the debate is over is wrong.