[AVLE] Power Up Dialog, Power Up in Action

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Hi, I am @etainclub who develops several apps for steem such as Play Steem. Recently I have started to run a witness node. Please vote for me as a witness.

You can vote here:
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or here:

Power Up in Action

I have implemented "Power Up" for the AVLE Dapp.
What you see is the wallet screen before powering up.
I will power up 3 steem for me.

Power Up Dialog

In this power-up dialog, you can set the amount. Here I set 3 steem.

I have not known that it is also possible to power up someone else! I will show in the bottom of this post.

Wallet Update

After the power-up, the balances are updated. You can see 3 steem added to own steem power balance, and subtracted from steem balance.

Power Up for Someone else

Let's power up for @playsteemit.


Let's enter the active key of @etainclub

As you see, power-up for someone else decreased only the steem balance since it is not for own power-up.

Check the Steem Wallet History

Now let's check the steem wallet history.

Both of transactions were handled correctly. Wow!

Vote for etainclub as a Witness


Resteem / Vote / Comment / Follow / Support

This project will Make STEEM Great Again! I, the developer of PLAY STEEM mobile app, am doing my best to bring people to the STEEM ecosystem.

Thank you for your support.


Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Upvoted as a witness

thank you!

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