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Hello, friends

My name is Akshay and I'm a final year student of Computer Engineer. Currently I'm waiting for my Last semester exam which is postponed due to this COVID pandemic and now it's going to start on the 8th of October. Recently we finished our practical/viva and project viva exams.



HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap 4, ASP.Net, C# language, C/C++ language, Java, Python, Flask.


MYSQL, and SQL Server

Projects I have done in my Academics:

I have done so many mini-projects at least 12-15 from Semester 1 but I don't think so mentions all of them. I just tell some Key projects.

  1. While doing an Internship in CMP Infotech I and my team created an Online General Knowledge Quiz Website using ASP .NET with C#.

  2. For our VI semester, we create an IoT(Internet of Things) project named Digital Notice Board.

  3. For Final Year Mega Project We create an Android app named Fake Currency Detection App that detects whether the currency is Original or Fake using Image Processing & Machine Learning.

  4. In this Lockdown Also I created 2 websites using Flask in Python, 1) the Website of a Newspaper company, and 2) Calculating Tax using there Income and expenses.

  5. I also start learning blockchain but after few days Gorvment announced our exams so put it to side and focus on my academics. after finishing my exams I will start it again.

I know I did not have the experience and level of knowledge other experienced peoples have but I think I can contribute to Steem blockchain platform development.

Thank You