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Red Rose


Getting thanks to all steemphotos friends,
Assalamu alaikum, how are you all. I hope everyone is well. Today I have come to you with some photography of red roses. I hope you like my photography.


The flower that I will talk about today is called the red rose flower. Rose is a perennial flowering plant with more than three hundred species and thousands of varieties. A rose is a tree whose stalks can straighten and go all the way back and forth. And sharp thorns grow along its stalks. The flowers of the rose tree are very large in size and are decorated. These flowers are very rich in gran. These come in different colors like white, yellow, red, pink etc. Most of its species are native to Asia, as well as a number of native species from Europe-America and North-West Africa.


Roses In many societies, culture has come to have a collective significance. From small miniature roses to large rose trees, the shape can be up to seven meters in height. Its trees are planted in tubs on the balcony of the house for beautification. Again, roses are planted in different institutions to enhance the beauty of the garden.


The present-day garden roses were imported from China around the 18th century. The first rose in America 500 million years ago was found in modern-day Colorado.


Roses are sometimes used commercially in garden gardens or as indoor flowers. These roses are found in most countries of the world. Roses are very popular as a domestic and commercial crop. These are spun twenty times so that they are kept in the refrigerator until they are well prepared for display at the time of sale.


Rose fragrances are made from rose oil. The oil is made at night by applying the rose petals to the mixture of temporary needs. Rose-related products are rose water, which people have been using for various religious ceremonies, and man-made perfumes made from its oil.


And from canina, the rose hip is being used as a source of vitamin C. Many species of fruit contain significant amounts of vitamins and are used as food. Rosa chinensis has long been used as a Chinese tradition. And some other species that have been used for stomach problems. It is being tested to control the growth of cancer.

I'm finishing here today. I hope everyone will like it, everyone will be fine and healthy.

I did this photography from a garden next to my house. Contest link: Contest organized by @kyrie1234 on @steemphotos Community.

I would like to invite @bossj23 @wase1234 @sikan-eyen and @jannatmou to take part in this contest. And 10% of this post if going to @steemphotos

❤️Thanks for Reading❤️

PhotographyRed Flowers
Camera Used48 MP
ModelRealme C25s
LocationParbatipur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh


 4 months ago 

mHello @ranarahman,

Entry #5

That rose is so nice. I can remember
y daughter in that flower because she really love to smell its fragrance. Thank you for your entry.

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Like your little girl, I like the smell of roses very much. Thank you too.

 4 months ago 

indeed my dear

Nice post brother


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 4 months ago 

Hello, very beautiful photography, the red roses are beautiful, I love their fragrance, the oil is very good to moisturize the skin, very good participation, thank you very much for participating.

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Hello @ranarahman,

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Woow Great effort friend. Another beautiful scenery content from you. I love all roses flowers included this article. Thank you for sharing amazing content with good photography for Contest 6 in SteemPhotos Community. I invite you to continue #burnsteem25. Please read carefully for more information. Keep posting & stay active with #steemphotos Community. Good Luck! ❤️

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