Growing up as Women || Thoughts of the Day

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Trust me I think too much and I have so many thoughts. For example, morning thoughts, life thoughts, delusional thoughts, meaningless thoughts, and many more thoughts. Most of the thoughts are abstract, imaginary, only few of them are skeptical especially when I think about life. Reality exists in my life, of course, I live in a real-world, deal with my every day practical life.

What if I consider myself living in a fairytale world for a few minutes, what if I think the sky is pink, I am sitting in a garden surrounded by my favorite flowers and unicorns are walking around me? It's not bad right if these imagination makes you happy for a while.


When I was a baby girl, I used to chase butterflies, played with dolls, picked up flowers, and gave them to my mom. I used to do that all the time, whatever I saw I picked up and I gave them to my mom. My mom was my teacher, I was never close to my dad, to be honest.

My younger sister still complains about that saying " Mom loved you more than me, you were her favorite".

As a full-grown woman, whenever I think about my entire life journey, I feel good. I am educated, I have the capability to do something for my life. When I grew up slowly, my mom used to say, one day you will be full-grown women and you will feel proud of yourselves. You will get married and will have your own family, career, babies everything and then you will be a complete woman.


People say motherhood completes a woman but unfortunately still now I don't have that experience. I have seen how much my mom sacrificed for us, I have seen her... Closely and I know everyone will be agreed with me. I never compared women with men, for me, they are different, not only physically but mentally as well... Women are emotional but they can be strong, hard as a rock.

If I consider HIVE blockchain, I have seen some strong HIVE women. Only A woman can keep her pain inside and keep smiling. I mean for example, if I consider my mother, she never showed her weakness, pain in front of us but inside she was dealing with disease and pain. She was emotionally, mentally broken before her death. She never cried but she reduced her smile before death.

I saw her dead body, I cried but it took me a long time to accept that she is no more... Well, this is life and I grew up every single day, struggled with uncertainty.

Hopefully, one day, someone will read my diary...

But still, I am not weak, I feel proud of being a woman...


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