The Prom Night (Freewrite)

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Melanie may not be the kind of girl guys will love with her looks being so geeky, and even her schoolmates made her the subject of bullying. Despite her looks, Kevin, the campus heartthrob aways come to her defense. That's because they are bestfriends ever since they were kids, ad they're neighbors.

She actually got a crush on him, but she accepted the fact that they're just bestfriends. Even with her geeky reputation, Melanie has proven herself being the top student on her grade level. She's also a writer in their school's official journal.

In school, Kevin is a basketball player, and even considered as the Michael Jordan of the campus. Many girls in the school likes him, but there's this rich classmate who caught his attention, Victoria. Her good looks makes her the female campus crush as well, and also the cheerleader of the pep squad. Thus, having Kevin and Victoria together is perfect for the students.

The two went often goes our for the date, and even fetches him from their house on her luxury car. Melanie sees them, and was very sad seeing them together as Kevin even doesn't have time visiting her in the house. The real reason is Victoria influenced him to refrain from approaching her.

That evening, Kevin has realized ge really doesn't love Victoria. It's just a crush but observing her attutude, she's not the kind of girl he will spend with the rest of his life. Her extravagant lifestyle, and being a bully to other students, including his best friend, Melanie.

In his room that night, he realizes he misses Melanie, so he moved his window's curtain to see if Melanie is still awake. Their room faces each other, and they communicate with writings on paper. Melanie's light is still on, but her curtains are spread out. Kevin put back his curtain when Melanie moved her curtains to check on Kevin.

In the morning, Kevin knocked on Melanie's house, which was opened by her mom. Melanie went downstairs after her mom called her. Kevin asked about her plans on the upcoming prom night later that day. She replied she doesn't have any plans to attend the prom. Besides, she doesn't have a partner. Kevin joked about a geeky guy in their school to be her partner, which angered her, and left downstairs.

Melanie's mom told her to attend the prom, and it doesn't matter if she doesn't have a partner. It's her last prom in school, and she has to enjoy it. Because of her mom's persistence, she agreed, and her mom gave her a makeover. Instead of wearing her big eyeglasses, her mom handed her contact lenses to aid on her vision. After the makeover, Melanie looks very beautiful, and can't hardly be recognized.

In the prom night, everybody are already dancing. As expected, Kevin is with Victoria. While Melanie is walking, most guys in the prom are looking at her. They hardly even recognized it's Melanie. Victoria and Kevin sat down when he saw Melanie, and was in awe of her beauty. He stood up, and Victoria took his arms to stay on his sit but he desisted. As he was walking on his way to Melanie, one of the guys in the prom, Sean, the main rival of Kevin approached her first to ask for the dance, and she agreed. That night, everybody are shocked to know it's Melanie after she and Sean were announced as the Prom King and Queen.

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