Rose Water (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day to all freewriters! Sharing below is my freewrite entry for the prompt rose water. The 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge is initiated by @mariannewest in 2017, and has grown since. You can check her profile, and @freewritehouse if interested to join.

Being locked down, it took its toll on Rita's mental health. Her mom, Dina, is worried as she always stays at her room knowing of her condition. Dina has invited her to watch movies, and other possible pastimes but she refused, and rather stay inside the room.

While Dina is gardening, Rita surprisingly approached her, and wanted to help. In the garden, there are fruits and vegetables, and other plants such as different flowers. Rita approached the flowers, and was amazed on the flowers surrounding her. She picked some red roses, and brought them inside the house.

Dina is wondering what she will do the roses. Rita took some distilled water, and started to make rose water. She went outside the house again, and picked some lemons from the tree. She made a lemonade on some of the rose water she made.

Amazed on her daughter, she asked for some of the rose water, and liked its taste. Dina searched on the internet about its uses, and was surprised on its good effects on the body. The two decided to sell them on the internet, and became a good means of income. It also helped Rita to cope with her mental illness.

There are lots of things that can be done during the quarantine. You just have to look out on things in your house. It can become both a hobby and a business. Especially for people with mental illness, they can do something so they can shift their minds into something productive. But of course, a family member can give motivation to the person.


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