Dead Battery (5-Minute Freewrite Challenge)

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Good day to all freewriters! Glad to be back, and I am on for the prompt dead battery. If you want to join freewriting, head over to the profile of @mariannewest, who initiated the 5-Minute Freewrite Challenge.

Dean is about to leave the house for work. He forgot to charge his phone, which is pretty old, and its battery is a bit bloated. He doesn't care as long as he can still use it. Jane, his wife, reminded him to go home on or before 8pm, which Dean just agreed.

The work has ended, he's about to go home, but his friends called to go to the bar to hangout. As he misses them, he agreed and went there. Dean forgot about what his wife told him before leaving for work in the morning. His wife is calling him, but the battery is low, so he ignored it.

Jane called again but she couldn't contact him due to his phone might have dead battery. Anxious on what happened to her husband, she left home to look for him where he usually goes.

It's already 10pm, and he needs to go home. Pretty surprised because his wife usually opens the door for him, so he got no choice but use his keys. Nobody's home, and as he checked the home phone's voicemail, he broke down in tears.

Regarding the story, things didn't happen if Dean is responsible enough. He should have gone home but he didn't. Phone's dead battery, or the call he received aren't to be blamed. I didn't state what really happen to Jane, and it's up to you whatever you have in imagine that will give the ending of the story.

This is another freewrite I created, and used with You can also use it as a freewriter, but make sure to keep typing as when you stopped for 3 seconds, everything you wrote will be removed.

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